There are five reasons why Bigg Boss has become a household name

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The first season of the reality show Bigg Boss concluded last week, leaving a void in many households. For several viewers, the show has been a part of their everyday life over the past two months or so. As soon as the clock struck 9.30 p.m., many viewers switched to just one station.

The reality show has provided us with many excuses to remain glued to our televisions. Here are five of the most important factors that we believe have contributed to its success. Read about Bigg Boss 15 Mx Player.


#5 The ideal dinner companion

All of us have developed the habit of watching TV while feeding. On weekdays, Bigg Boss aired at 9.30 p.m., and on weekends, it aired at 9.00 p.m. This is also where a lot of people eat their meals. And, oh yeah, didn’t we just love to eat our favorite meal while immersed in the lives of our housemates?

#4 Recognized competitors

The crowd recognized the majority of the 14 contestants. Dhanraj, a comedian, and actors Siva Balaji, Sampoornesh Babu, Archana, and Hari Teja are just a few examples. Kalpana and Madhu Priya, for example, were well-known musicians. This familiarity allowed the audience to quickly engage with and learn more about their favorite celebrities.

#3 Dissensions

We love squabbles, and there were plenty of them in the kitchen. There were several battles that had the viewers glued to their seats, whether it was housemate vs. housemate or housemates vs. the Bigg Boss. While some of the fights were brutal, others simmered in the background, contributing to the show’s TRP ratings.

#2 The Tarak factor

Jr NTR, the show’s host, was one of the show’s most talked-about features. Despite the fact that he only appeared on weekends, Tarak made sure to bring the X-factor to the stage. The host, who has a large fan base, was the most critical element in publicizing the show and attracting viewers to watch it.

#1 Entertainment

Above all, the show’s entertaining qualities helped it become a success. Bigg Boss provided a lot of entertainment to the public, from its unique format to the way the in-house operations were conceptualized. Although certain actions elicited an intense response from the audience, others made them smile. Many other actors, including Rana, Vijay Devarakonda, and Tapsee, also came to the show to entertain the crowd.